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Carvings by Category


Vienna Heart                                                         
This heart is made of two Spirals and hangs charmingly asymetrical on it΄s string

Item0006  22,00€

Two Dolphins                                                     
form this cute heart which is 3,5x3 cm and carved out of cowbone


  Item 0008 32,00€

Flying Heart                                                            
This cute Pendant makes everyone smile has a wingspan of 5cm and is 2 cm high.

Item0005 27,00€



Shiny Heart                                                                
Simple Heart 4x4cm carved out of beefbone


Item0004 16,00€

These hearts are 2x2 cm.                     
Please add in "Note to Seller" at paypal checkout if you want straight or asymetrical hanging

Item0014  9,00€

Two bottlenose dolphins                               
form this cute heart which is about 4x4 cm and carved out of cowbone


Item 0033 32,00€

Bottelnose dolphin                                          
with 3 cresting waves, this piece is one of my bestsellers being 4x4 cm and carved out of cowbone.

Item 0032 32,00€