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Carvings by Category


Nicely sculptures whaletail.
Carved from cowbone this piece is 6,5 cm long and 3,5 cm wide

Item 0028 32,00


Elegant swan.
This swan with graciously bent neck is nearly 7 cm long and craved from creamy colored cowbone.

Item 0034 29,00


Jumping Carp
This carved carp is simple but yet has so much life 4,5 cm long

Item 0027 39,00


Stunning twistfish carved out of cowbone.
The strands of the twist run completely free and do not touch  6,5 cm long

item 0025 69,00

Elegant teastained whaletail with plumeria flower carved out of one pice of cowbone. 4,2 cm wide  as high

Item 0020 59,00

Bottelnose dolphin with 3 cresting waves, this piece is one of my bestsellers being 4x4 cm and carved out of cowbone.

Item 0032 32,00

Two bottlenose dolphins form this cute heart which is about 4x4 cm and carved out of cowbone


Item 0033 32,00

Cute hermitcrab stained with chilies on Maoristyle fishhook.
Carved out of one piece of cowbone with loads of detail 5 cm long 3,5 m wide

Item 0026 69,00

Two Dolphins form this cute heart which is 3,5x3 cm and carved out of cowbone


Item 0008 32,00