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Carvings by Category


The Paths of Live  - One of a kind -
a very modern interpretation of the maori twist theme, this smbolizes the paths of life, eternity and the crossing of ways while heading in the same direction of people

Item0016 120,00€    Please get in touch to find out if availabe

Hard to give this one a name other then maybe charming.
Freeform carving of spirals while reminding me of a relaxed snake. 6 CM


Chis one measures 9 cm.Simple yet stunning.

Item0010 52,00€

The Things I Dream    - One of a Kind -
Intricate piece that looks like assembled from various parts of bone, yet is carved out of one piece.9,5 cm long this is
3-dimensional.If you would like more photos please get in touch
Item0009 195,00€     Please get in touch to find out if availabe
Fleur de Lis
Chunky little Fleur de Lis, this elegant pendant measures
4 cm


Item0007 49,00€

Hermes Wing
My idea what the wing on Hermes shoe should look like. 6cm carved from cowbone

Item 0041 42,00€

Elegant Crossing paths. This one is a stunner in it΄s simplicity.  7.5cm long


Item 0039 45,00€