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Carvings by Category


My all time favourite!  5 overlaying vines about 6 cm big this piece has become an evergreen. Crazily versatile, looks stunning on a black elegant sweater as well as to a sporty outfit...even to a dirndl
Item 0043 69,00

Elegant and feminin. 7 cm long


Item0023 36,00

Swirls and spirals
This pendant is 6 cm but still has a delicate feel to it.

Item0035 32,00

Twins...This pendant can be worn hanging down as well as sideways it is about 5.5cm long

Item0036 36,00
Cutie... this one is for me as playful as it is elegant 6,5 cm this one can easily become your favourite touch"stone"


Chuncky yet feminine leafform , 5cm  with spiral details


Item 0042 32,00

Chuncky yet feminine leafform , 4 cm  with spiral designs

Item 0038 32,00

Elegant pendant 9 cm long with tiny
plumeria flower and wavedetail carved
and teastained


Item 0022 69,00 

Elegant pendant nearly 9 cm long with tiny plumeria flower and wavedetail carved
and teastained

Item 0021

Hibiscus Flower app 4,5 cm in diameter,.
This detailed piece comes either mounted as a brooch or to hang as a pendant

Item0029 69,00

Hanging Orchid 6 cm long . Very female, elegante pendant


Item 0024 46,00

Plumeria Flower app. 3 cm


Item 0002  28,00

Elegant Plumeria Flower  app.3 cm in diameter ,mounted with bone pearls

Item0001 32,00

SOLD - Stained with tea this cuty sports a tiny plumeria flower, barely able to dust off before it was sold


Item 0019