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Are animals killed for your jewellery?No animal dies to be made into any of the items I sell.
I get my bones from the local butcher AFTER he sold the meat to the clients, those bones would otherwise either be thrown away or given to dogowners.
Goathorn, skulls and similar I mostly trade with knifemakers and they again get it also after the animal has been killed for
human consumption or died of old age.

Can I import your items into my country?
As long as cows, goats, sheep do not become an endangered species (and that does not seem very likely in the near future) there is no problem whatsoever. Bone is similar to ivory but easy to distinguish from it by the absence of Schreger lines and customs knows very well what to look for.

Why do you call it handmade when you use elctric tools?Good question but a complex one!
What, really, is handmade? Obviously, things were literally handmade a long time ago, when tools were simple. But what is one to think if the Artisan uses rotary tools and the like? Aren't these the same power tools used in factories? How can something made with them be handmade?  The answer has to do with the freedom of use of the tool. That is, an item can be considered handmade if the tool could be used with a degree of freedom dictated by the needs of the work and the will of the operator. Dedicated and specialized tooling capable of only one operation, as is the rule in factories, does not qualify; neither does the rote assembly, even if by hand, of components premade to identical specifications. These are standards by which to distinguish handmade from production made.

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