I started my path as a carver with bovine bone and it still is my preferred material. I do carve all kinds of horn, complete skulls of i.e. goats & rams, you will sometimes find eagle heads made out of warthog tusks or tips of antler, little sculptures out of Tagor nuts... I found myself once looking at my toothbrush and wondering.....

But I always come back to my first passion, Bone

Carvings made out of bone have a very special feel to them,
starting with their milky whiteness and their flowing lines.

They are immediately warm to the touch, though the polished pieces have a lusterous shine like highclass porcelaine.
They seem to melt into you and become part of your body
when worn against the bare skin.
After a prolonged period of wearing the pendant absorbs
your body oils and takes on a honeylike, golden color.

Once a week I visit my local butcher who sets aside all legbones for me during the week, then the scraping and brushing starts and once they are clean they get simmered in water for a day, first with a bit of mild detergent then with many changes of clean water. After that they get a vacation in the sun on my roofterrace to dry out completely.

Often I barter materials, we have a lot of local knifemakers who like a piece of nearwhite german cowhorn, black waterbuffalo or clean, ready to use bone. Thus I get my skulls.

I also carve fossile materials so if you would like to have something carved out of mammoth ivory, prewalsky horse, stellar cow or else send me an email and we talk.


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