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Welcome to my onlineshop.

Carvings are sorted by category and have an item number and a short description.
Please allow 3-5 workdays for me to make your item and ship it, excluded those that state "one of a kind" which are designs I do not repeat and which are shipped within 48hrs.
If you want to buy more then one item please order by email, I will send you a paypal request to avoid double shipping fee.

All items include a packaging and shipment fee of 8,00 Euros which includes secure wrapping in bubblefoil and certified, trackable shipment to whichever destination you name. Spanish taxes are included in the price.

The "Buy now" button takes you to the secure Paypal site which accepts any mayor credit card, you do not need to have a paypal account.


Please Note:

I am firsthand a carver, not a photographer.The hues of the bonecarvings vary due to my lack of photographic skill or professionality with photoshop. If you see amazing, professional photos on this page i.e. in the gallery  this is due to AN NA but in the shops the photos where taken by me and sometimes the colours are a tiny bit off.

Closest to the actual color is this :






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